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Veneers offer an instant whitening and straightening effect that dramatically enhances your smile’s appearance. With a personalized approach that prioritizes your experience and satisfaction, Laila Rizvi, DMD, collaborates closely with each patient to ensure the best results at My DentalCare Center in Orlando, Florida. Call the clinic today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about veneers.

Veneers Q & A

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin, cosmetic shells made of porcelain or laminate that cover your teeth. Veneers can change the appearance of your teeth if you’re unhappy with their shape, size, or color when you smile. Veneers can hide many cosmetic concerns and give you a brighter, whiter, more uniform smile.

Porcelain veneers are also stain resistant, allowing you to enjoy an attractive smile that can’t become discolored or dulled.

Why should I choose veneers over dental bonding?

Veneers and dental bonding can both address cosmetic concerns, like chips and breaks in the teeth. While they can treat some of the same dental problems, veneers provide a more durable, attractive, and long-lasting result. The porcelain materials contained in veneers also repel stains, benefitting you with a whiter smile to enjoy.

Can veneers replace braces?

Veneers aren’t a substitute for braces but can help your teeth appear straighter and more uniform. Veneers can act as instant braces if you have mildly crooked front teeth that don’t require orthodontic treatment. While they don’t address underlying misalignment, veneers give the illusion of straighter teeth in as few as 1-3 visits.

I am getting veneers. What can I expect?

A dental exam and cleaning is the first step in placing porcelain veneers. After assessing whether you’re a candidate for veneers, Dr. Rizvi prepares your teeth. She removes a small portion of the enamel from the surface to make room for the veneers. 


Next, Dr. Rizvi takes digital impressions of your teeth, eliminating the need for messy molds. Veneers can take 2-3 weeks to fabricate. During this time, you wear temporary restorations to protect your teeth.


When you return for your final appointment, Dr. Rizvi replaces the temporary veneers with your permanent, custom-made restorations. She makes a few adjustments to ensure the proper fit and appearance before cementing the veneers in place, enhancing the strength and appearance of your smile.

How long do veneers last?

Porcelain veneers can last for well over a decade before needing replacement. Scheduling routine teeth cleanings, avoiding sticky, hard, chewy foods, and maintaining good oral hygiene habits can help preserve your veneers.

Veneers can dramatically enhance your smile with minimal downtime. Call My DentalCare Center today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.