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No Insurance?

Cosmetic Dentistry:

✦ TWO dental cleanings per year D1110 ✦ Comprehensive exams (1-2 per year) including x-rays necessary D0150,D0120
✦ 15% off all other dental services (Including cosmetic procedures) ✦ 2 emergency exams per year and periapical xrays if necessary D0140, D0220 ✦ Inclusion in WHITENING FOR LIFE with purchase of whitening.


✦ Straighten Teeth with INVISALIGN
✦ Instant Braces- Veneers

Gum Treatment:

✦ Nonsurgical treatment of Periodontal Disease- Arestin ✦ Periodontal Therapy ✦ Treatment of Gingivitis

Oral Surgery:              

✦ Extractions- Simple and Surgical ✦ Extractions/ Wisdom Teeth ✦ Gingivectomy


✦ Root canal treatment ✦ Pulpotomy procedures for baby teeth on children

Preventative Dentistry:

✦ Adult/Child Prophylaxis ✦ Fluoride Varnish
✦ Desensitizing Treatments
✦ Night Occlusal Guards ✦ Athletic Mouth Guards

Restorative Dentistry:   

✦ CrownsBridges ✦ Implant Restoration ✦ Porcelain Crowns, Fillings, Veneers ✦ Partial DenturesDentures ✦ Same day Denture Repairs



✦ $75 Enrollment Fee (once in a lifetime regardless of lapse in coverage) ✦ MY Plan: $20 Monthly ✦ MY Child Plan: $18 Monthly ✦ MY PerioPlan: $33 Monthly


MY FAMILY PLAN: in absence of periodontal disease - $199 Lifetime enrollment + $65/Monthly ✦ FAMILY PERIO PLAN: with presence of periodontal disease in at least one member - $199 Lifetime enrollment + $75/Monthly
*children under the age of 18 *family of four*