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Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery

If thinking of oral surgery makes you feel uneasy, rest assured that Laila Rizvi, DMD, makes your comfort and satisfaction top priorities at My DentalCare Center in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Rizvi works with you to ensure you feel safe and supported through every step of your procedure. Call the dental office today or schedule an appointment online to partner with a kind, caring dentist who puts your needs first.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is any procedure that involves operating on your gums, teeth, or surrounding tissues. It can range from mild procedures to complex treatments that require months of planning. 

At My DentalCare Center, Dr. Rizvi strives to relieve each patient’s dental fears and anxieties surrounding oral surgery. The goal is to stabilize their mouths so they know they never have to experience dental pain again.

Are there different types of oral surgery?

My DentalCare Center offers many types of oral surgery for patients experiencing pain, decay, and damage. Several oral surgery procedures include the following:


An extraction removes a tooth from its socket, the space through which it grows. There are two types: simple and surgical. A simple extraction is a relatively quick process that Dr. Rizvi can perform if your tooth breaks through the gum line. She uses an elevator tool to loosen the tooth and pull it out.

Surgical extractions are more complex. Dr. Rizvi performs this procedure when the targeted tooth hasn’t fully broken through the gum line, making an incision in your gums to find and extract the tooth. The most common type of surgical extraction is wisdom teeth removal.


Gingivectomy is a surgical procedure that treats advanced periodontitis by removing diseased gum tissue.

Root canal treatment

Root canal therapy is a procedure that removes inflamed or infected pulp from the tooth chamber. After removing the pulp, Dr. Rizvi replaces it with gutta-percha, a biocompatible material that allows your tooth to maintain strength.


A pulpotomy is a less invasive procedure than root canal therapy. The treatment involves removing the pulp from the tooth’s crown and keeping the pulp in the root canal. Dr. Rizvi typically performs this procedure on baby teeth in children.

I am getting oral surgery. How much recovery time can I expect?

Recovery time for oral surgery depends on the procedure you choose. While healing from extraction may take two weeks, a more complex technique may involve 3-4 weeks of recovery. 

You can accelerate the healing process and prevent complications by following Dr. Rizvi’s aftercare instructions and avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol, and other factors that impede your recovery.

Call My DentalCare Center today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about oral surgery.